Here are two posters I made for a two night event at Paradiso,
organized by Melanie Bonajo, Buro Rietveld and Paradiso.

The first night was called If I Was a Sculptor, But Then Again, No... It included a song competiton and only the craziest Rietveld students came out. Here are Lou — from the friendly comic story from the Dark and Stormy post, some weeks ago — and his sidekick Kevin playing music under the name Missing Channel...







The second night was called Qu'est Ce Que C'est. Here's what you can see from top to bottom:

1. Another poster I made, showing back and the frontside.
2. Baba Electronica warming up the place. I was going to say Warming up the crowd, but at this time there was hardly any crowd yet. Rustan and I arrived early and sat and made fun of things. We ate spaghetti at Schiller just before that.
3. There's a picture of Maya Lyon Daw aka BlveBard. The whole set was very True Detective inspired 'cos there were deer andlers everywhere. There was a duo of robotos handing out snacks with some branches taped around their heads, which looked like andlers, also.
4. Here, I tried to take a picture of the name signs I made. But I am by now already pretty under the influence and forgot to turn on the flash. And I have difficulty standing still...
5. But that is mainly because of Melanie (Bonajo) who was on stage swinging a gigantic flag and was trying to hit me over the head with it.
6. We danced and drank and smoked and at the end of the evening I discovered that my printed invitations had been upgraded to excellent ashtrayes.

THOU SHALL NOT PASS! — Here I am modeling a t-shirt that I made for Qu'est Ce Que C'est. The picture was taken by the photographic stylings of Elisabeth Klement. The t-shirt is for sale on and comes in all kinds of sizes and a cute girlie cut too.